Sheds and Garages - Project Planning

  •  Planning
    ​Your first step to growth and prosperity Oz-Cover offers to assist you with planning your building project (be it small or large), therefore you will save by building to your requirements

  •  Authorities
    Your local building authority is the best place to start inquiring about any restrictions and by-laws regarding building on your property. Oz-Cover can help you here with preliminary plans or development plans.

  •  Budgeting
    You will need to know the cost of your project, Oz-Cover can provide a broad estimate for total or part of your project at an early stage. You decide what is to be included.

  •  Design
    Your interests will be served by Oz-Cover’s experience in steel building design. Oz-Cover’s commitment is to quality, economy and aesthetics, to provide high return on your investment.

  •  Finance
    At your request Oz-Cover will provide detailed budgets or even a contract subject to finance, so you will be in a stronger position to obtain finance on favorable terms.

  •  Approvals
    Building approvals from local authorities can be obtained by Oz-Cover or Oz-Cover can provide you with all the relevant plans and details so you may make the application.

  •  Supply
    Kit Buildings and Other Manufactured Products – Your order may be small or large, Oz-Cover’s staff and management will treat all orders with equal importance. You are our employer, we won’t forget. All products are shipped with relevant instructions and drawings.

  •  Service
    Oz-Cover employment policies ensure that staff and management are highly skilled in their fields and possess a positive attitude in their dealings with clients and suppliers alike.

  •  Construction
    Through integrity and honesty Oz-Cover management has built good relationships with suppliers, engineers, contractors etc. You will benefit from their skills and positive attitude.

  •  Enjoyment
    ​Yes “Enjoyment” – Staff and management at Oz-Cover will do their utmost to ensure that your building experience will be a pleasure to you and that you will take pride in your investment on completion.