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Shed Project Tips

Purchasing Tips

You may want to use the following check list, courtesy of Oz-Cover Pty Ltd.

  • Will your supplier also arrange lodgement of your building application on your behalf, at no extra cost, to save you the time and hassle involved dealing with Council’s red tape?
  • Does your supplier use the same thickness of .42 BMT/.47 TCT cladding on the roof and the walls for added strength. TCT (Total Coated Thickness) is the steel thickness including the paint cover while BMT (Base Metal Thickness) is the steel thickness excluding the paint cover.
  • Is the roof of the building trafficable i.e. 0.47 roof and correct purlin spacing?
  • Are frames made from Hi-Tensile galvanized steel?
  • Are the frame connections bolted with substantial connector plates?
  • Are wall and roof screws Class 3 and Corrosion protected?
  • Is all steel supplied from Australian BlueScope Steel having the BlueScope Steel warranty and offering the full colorbond® colours
  • Are hold down bolts included?
  • Is P.A. door supplied with proper jambs and entrance lockset?
  • Are Flashings for Windows and Roller Doors included?
  • Are gutters fitted with appropriate gutter brackets?
  • Is the deposit payable less than 20%?
  • Will you receive a set of engineers drawings with certificate upon signing agreement?
  • Is your supplier a licensed QBSA builder so they can supply, prepare the concrete slab and erect your garage without you having to chase up contractors or insurance etc?
QBCC Act Licence No: 78274 – Click here for more information on the benefits of using a licenced builder.

Earthwork Tips

  • Strip site of all vegetation including grass.
  • Fill stump holes with compacted fill.
  • Level site by means of Cut and/or Fill, always level site larger than the actual slab size (preferably 1000mm larger on all sides).
  • Where fill is used to achieve level site be sure to spread fill layers of approx. 150mm and “wheel roll” each layer for compaction.
  • Make sure to use fill material that is “compactable”.
  • Note: Wheeled equipment will compact fill better than tracked equipment.

Concreting Tips

  • ConcretingSet out slab size according to plans for building.
  • Achieve final subgrade level by screeding sand or crusher dust
  • Dig edge beams and footings as required
  • Setup formwork to exact size of slab, take care that formwork is straight and firmly supported to withstand pressure of concrete
  • Lay plastic moisture barrier (seal with duct tape where lapped)
  • Place reinforcement steel (lap as specified by manufacturer) place bar chairs at max 1000mm crs to hold steel at the correct height (check plans for height of reo).
  • Make sure reo is free from formwork by 30mm to 50mm.
  • Check plans for control joints and cut mesh if required.
  • Place pre-mixed concrete (adding water to concrete can lower strength and increase shrinkage – cracking).
  • Generally “slump” shall be 80 to 90.
  • Use a mechanical vibrator when placing concrete, this will release air from the concrete and therefore increase the strength of your slab and minimise the occurrence of shrinkage cracks.
  • Vibrating will add approximately 10% to the volume of concrete required. Machine trowel the floor to required finish (hand trowel finish will generally not provide the same surface hardness).
  • Immediately after finishing floor, cover floor with plastic or spray with curing oil in order to stop evaporation (to cure to design strength moisture is required in the slab)
  • Curing to design strength takes 28 days


Construction Details

Buildings and Sheds – Details and Design

Here you will find a close up of certain areas to give you a guide to connecting the buildings. These include: Roof and wall cladding fixing; Barge capping and gutter; Column slab connection – Column rafter connection; Top view roller door; Roller door detail bottom; Roller door detail inside; Ridge connection and Ridge connection with mullion.


Details 2


Shed Framworks

We would like to give you the ability, to use common terms in the shed building industry. 

Shed elevation drawing

This displays the elevation drawing to the previous shown shed. Click on the elevation drawings below for a larger print in PDF.

Shed One is plan view of shed 5.98 x 15 metres slab with all uprights only. Shed two enclosed areas – one open area – one open roof area.

Sheds elevation

Shed elevation