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Fireclad Walls Raise the Stakes on Cost-Saving

A Queensland builder has raised a 52 metre by 4.8 metre wall in one lift, using three cranes to create what is believed to be the biggest tilt-up wall ever built in Australia. The lift was made possible by the high-strength, lightweight qualities of steel supplied by BHP Building Products. BHP and Boral jointly developed FIRECLAD walling, a cost-efficient new exterior fire-rated wall system for pre-engineered buildings.

Jack Hunneman from Oz-Cover Pty Ltd used the construction method for the first time on the new warehouse building at Logan Village, south of Brisbane. The client, an importer and wholesaler of giftware, furniture and artefacts wanted to maximise the available storage space on his building block, which meant locating the warehouse right up the boundary. Until Jack Hunneman discovered the Fireclad walling option, the alternatives were tilt-up concrete panels along the boundary or concrete blockwork with core fill to achieve the required fire rating. “As soon as we learnt about the Boral Fireclad system, it was obviously the best solution” Mr. Hunneman said. “It allows us to do without the additional tradespeople that tilt-up concrete panels and concrete blockwork would require, and we can use a standard footing system”.


“The Fireclad system allows us to use our normal design with three layers of fire-rated plasterboard and TRIMDEK HI-TEN sheeting”.Jack Hunneman and his foreman were confident they could make the entire wall on the ground and lift it into place.

The 52 metre-long wall was successfully raised into place in one lift.

The wall assembly included the fireproof plasterboard and external Trimdek cladding as well as guttering and downpipes. The time saved in building the wall on the ground far exceeded the cost of the three cranes. “The method considerably reduced the cost of the wall over any of the alternatives,” Mr. Hunneman said. “It also saved at least a week in construction time over tilt-up concrete or concrete blockwork methods. “We are already planning another project with a 25 metre-long and five metre high wall”. The Fireclad walling system provides a fire resistance of up to 90 minutes by interposing fire grade plasterboard between the girts and the external cladding.

The system will deliver savings of between five and 15 percent on the tilt-up alternatives.

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