Industrial Shed Features

Oz-Cover Industrial Sheds are designed to offer Versatility, Quality and Value to your investment. Standard Features available

Shed ModelSPAN – is adjustable up to 42.000 metres
HEIGHT – is adjustable up to 7.500 metres (eave-height)
BAYSIZE – is adjustable up to 6.000 metres, however with a truss it will double
LENGTH – is unlimited due to the versatility of our designs.

All dimensions are indicative and based on projects we have completed before. We have designed engineering for these limits however with consultation with the engineer these limits can be surpassed.


  • Approval – We can look after all approval required for the development of your property. This can include -development approvals; -building approvals; -plumbing approvals; – landscaping approvals; -EPA; -QFRS. As you might be aware that this can be time consuming, we continually check on these approvals to avoid unnecessary delays and we collect all the information we can get beforehand. We also answer information requests or organise a pre-lodgement meeting with the council.
  • Proposal – We are able to provide you with a site-layout according to local regulations, as known, besides the general quote. We can look after you from A-Z, however should you require just certain services we are negotiable.


  • Portal Frames – A portal frame building consists of frames that span from side to side at regular intervals called “bays”. Our portal frames are manufactured from BlueScope Steel and are Hi-Tensile, Cold formed C & Z Sections. Our strong design ensures a straight roof and wall lines, so your building will stay looking as good as it did the day it was constructed.
  • Endwall Frames – Are a lighter frame than the main portal frames and contain mullions (upright support). These mullions can have even spacing for enclosed walls and no requirement for wide roller-door/shutter. Or they can be designed like portal frame to provides the possibility for wide roller-door/shutter. One section in the endwall needs to cater for required bracing. Our endwall frames are manufactured from BlueScope Steel and are Hi-Tensile, Cold formed C & Z Sections. Our strong design ensures a straight roof and wall lines, so your building will stay looking as good as it did the day it was constructed.
  • Crane Accommodation – Should your business require an overhead crane to carry heavy loads along the inside of the building, we are able to provide the frames manufactured from hot rolled steel. Oz-Cover can also offer a combination of structural steel with cold rolled steel for a more competitive price. All material used will be specified by our engineer.
  • Mezzanines – As described under cranes, in a similar way we are able to offer you various mezzanine styles, to extend office or storage space even further.
  • Truss – If necessary, we can double up the bay-size, to accommodate for a wider opening. We are able to provide custom designed trusses in various sizes to free up centre or outside areas or both.
  • Eaves – As an extension to the frames we can offer to build eaves in various sizes, as it becomes a necessity for some town planning schemes.
  • Door-Systems – Depending on the size of openings you require we can offer a wide range of roller-doors/shutter to accommodate your wishes. We even offer sliding door-systems to provide adequate enclosure for hangars.
  • Opening Hoods – In regards to energy efficiency, we offer various designs of hoods for doors and windows where required. It might be a condition of your building approval.
  • Base Plates – are made at our factory in Logan Village from Structural Steel. These base-plates will sit on previously concreted in hold-down cages, size determent according to the engineering design. We allow nuts sitting underneath the base-plates to have the ability for further adjustments. After the base-plate is in the correct position it will be grouted underneath. For end-wall frames with even spaced mullions the base-plates are made from Duragal® angle to prevent rusting. They are adjustable to allow for differences in slab levels which is important, especially if organising your own concrete as your building can still be constructed in the right position, even if your concreter gets it a little wrong. The Base Plates are either Dyna Bolted or Chemically Anchored to the Slab for a stronger hold.
  • Assembly Brackets – are made at our factory in Jimboomba Qld, from Structural Steel. They are fully welded at the required pitch and bolted to the frame, for a strong and accurate construction. This is why all Oz-Cover buildings come with a 20 Year Structural Warranty!
  • Roof & Wall Structure – roof purlins and wall girts are BlueScope Steel and are Hi-Tensile, Cold formed Z Sections. This strong constructions allows for windows, P/A-doors, ventilation-systems to be installed where ever you like.


  • Roof Sheeting – All roof sheeting is 0.42 BMT (or 0.47 TCT). With the choice of Dek or Corrugated profiles you will be able to match any existing buildings and achieve the look you’re after (see profile drawings on below). And once again, this also ensures it is strong enough to walk on.
  • Wall Cladding – We use the same materials on the walls as we do on the roof, which means a wall cladding 30% thicker than most other shed brands! Why opt for a lighter wall cladding which is easily damaged, when you can have a stronger wall that will look newer for longer. Wall cladding comes in a choice of either Dek or Corrugated (see profile drawings below).

  • Ridge Capping – has returns on each side of the capping to reduce water leakage and leaves into the garage. Returns are cut to the appropriate profile of the roof sheeting for a neat and professional finish.
  • Roof Ventilation – We can provide you with various systems to accommodate your wishes for efficient air ventilation in the roof area.


  • Screws – all screws are colour matched to your chosen Colorbond® colour on the Walls and the Roof. We use only the highest quality screws so the heads on our screws won’t snap off, the points are sharper and the colours true, ensuring your shed comes together well and looks great. They even come with their own guarantee of up to 40 years!
  • Corner Capping – All corners of the garage are covered with a corner capping, no need to fold sheets around corners. The corner capping and Barge Capping match the profiles used on your shed for the perfect finish!
  • Flashing – are provided around the Roller Doors, Windows and Glass Sliding Doors to give a safe and neat finish.
  • Gutter – With a variety of gutter available from Square to the large 7” Quad, you can match your gutter to a nearby building, or if you prefer, our standard 150 Quad High Front gutter (which is used by many house builders) suits most buildings.
  • Roller Doors – are B & D high quality doors which ensure a smooth operating life for your door and also come in a great range of colours. B & D Doors also come with their own Warranty!