Domestic Garages and small Farm Sheds were amongst the first products offered by Oz-Cover.

Due to high quality in craftsmanship and superior service, Oz-Cover’s reputation grew and requests for larger garages, sheds and warehouses ‘became the norm’.

By 1989 Oz-Cover developed a system to meet the needs of their steadily growing customer base, creating a large range of standard designs for sheds, garages, and warehouses.

Reputable engineers designed the range of buildings, using existing materials supplied by BHP Australia, with fittings manufactured by Better Garages & Carports.

To enable the system to run efficiently and to ensure the products were delivered on-time, every time to customers, a Computer Aided Costing and Ordering Program was developed. 

To further improve service, a decision was made to keep all manufacturing of parts and fittings in-house, enabling the business to respond quickly to changes in materials and technology.

A factory was constructed at Logan Village, and Oz-Cover soon began supplying/constructing more industrial buildings (including shopping centres), commercial garages, sheds, patios, shelters, farm sheds, stables, arena covers, small aircraft hangars, factories and warehouses as well as large one-off designs complete with fire rated walls.

Oz-Cover, has subsequently built a new factory facility in Jimboomba, providing for even greater expansion and efficiency.

Being specialists in the industry, Oz-Cover has become a leading name in designing buildings that suit client requirements and adhere to Government regulations. They have also built a reputation for staying up-to-date with the latest technology, materials and practices.

If you’re looking for sheds, garages, patios, shelters, farm sheds, stables, arena covers, factories, warehouses – or any steel building – then Oz-Cover is here to help.

Browse Oz-Cover’s huge range of standard designs, knowing that they can be readily customised to suit your needs. If you need advice on building regulations, drafting services and budget estimates for either a private or corporate job, simply contact us.

Oz-Cover supplies buildings in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, and have exported to the Philippines, Fiji, Europe, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Kazakhstan.

Oz-Cover supports the Charity Event “The Shitbox Rally” to help fundraising for the Cancer Council.